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Strange Family Interactions with the Country of Japan

The famous photographer, Robert Capa, was a guest on my grandfather’s radio show in New York in the 1940s. The book he is holding is on my shelf at home just below a shelf of the books that my grandfather wrote.

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National Geographic Italy Publishes "Master of Photography" Series


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The Duality of Our Personal and Professional Lives

Duality Book Cover

When a gallery exhibited some of Melissa’s and my photographs, we were asked to supply accompanying material—so we put together this simple little book. We are working photographers, and we seldom get a chance to stop and ponder our work. But for this little book, we did. I printed 2 x 3 foot sheets of thumbnails, which we cut out and left on a counter for weeks. Melissa periodically rearranged them into diptychs and so did I… our only motive was to have pleasant pairings. Sometimes the pairing hinged simply on a gesture, a similar embrace, an emotion, color, or whatever just felt right visually. Other times the pairing worked as opposites—as in the yin and yang of life. When we reflect on this visual language, it isn’t so surprising that connections are made across cultures. But what was startling was seeing that these connections exist across species as well. [Read more…]