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“Wild at Heart” Available in Bookstores

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Mustangs | Spirit of the Shrinking West

Mustangs | Spirit of the Shrinking West, National Geographic Magazine


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About Olson & Farlow

Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson are photojournalists in the documentary tradition. Even though they are published in LIFE, GEO, Smithsonian and other magazines, they have primarily photographed for the National Geographic Society on over 50 assignments that have taken them to 50 countries over the past 20 years.

They normally work individually, but have co-produced National Geographic Magazine stories on Northern California, National Parks and the Alps. They photographed a joint book project on the Southern United States and have collaborated on over 70 books with other photographers that are published by Collins Publishers, National Geographic and others.

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Random Journal Excerpt From a Remote Location

Turkey mini bar kontrol

We’ve had enough of dirt roads and not showering for days.  The weather is supposed to be clear so we are going to do aerials. There is one good hotel and one plane available on the entire Black Sea coast and at the moment I have both of them. I’m in the bathtub and “Minibar Kontrol” is yelling something in Turkish and is trying to bust in…. I’m glad I threw the bolt on the door…when I do let the maid in she empties the trash…pulls out some receipts (with my visa numbers on them) and points to her pocket…she wants my receipts…I guess it’s some tax thing…fine (tamam)….