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Mustangs | Spirit of the Shrinking West

Mustangs | Spirit of the Shrinking West, National Geographic Magazine


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About Olson & Farlow

Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson are photojournalists in the documentary tradition. Even though they are published in LIFE, GEO, Smithsonian and other magazines, they have primarily photographed for the National Geographic Society on over 50 assignments that have taken them to 50 countries over the past 20 years.

They normally work individually, but have co-produced National Geographic Magazine stories on Northern California, National Parks and the Alps. They photographed a joint book project on the Southern United States and have collaborated on over 70 books with other photographers that are published by Collins Publishers, National Geographic and others.

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Random Journal Excerpt From a Remote Location

kiss from a little girl

The place we will stay tonight has no electricity because a few of the families in the village haven’t paid their bills (so everyone in the village loses their power because there is no way to turn off power individually—yet another holdover from communism).  The family next to the power station is very nice and I take a Polaroid of the little girl with her father. I am just bending over her shoulder to see how the Polaroid is developing and she turns and kisses my cheek in such a sweet way… Polaroids are magic and they are just . . . take a picture—give a picture . . . but this kiss was something. She was so grateful and giving her this little photograph was such a simple, easy …