7 Billion Humans | National Geographic Magazine: Turkey Immigration and In-Migration Urbanization Rate is 70%

Turkey Immigration and In-Migration Urbanization Rate is 70%

Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Sudan flock to Istanbul to get good jobs in a Muslim-friendly and economically viable city. Turkey is 70% urban while the rest of the world is only 51% urban.

Mollatasi Street in Istanbul reminds me of a 1940s set for a movie about immigration.  The street is choked with immigrants primarily because the detention center for immigrants is in this neighborhood and many of them are waiting for family members to be allowed into the country. These people often settle near where they are released. This looks like the old Istanbul before the two million turned into twelve million. Turkey is primarily affected by internal migration and is also a spinning top for migration to Europe from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Sudan.  Sudanese go first to Libya and then on to Turkey. Turkey is very late to the party as far as effectively managing immigration, which is one of the factors they must deal with for EU membership. They are still operating with a 1951 law that limits immigration to only wealthy west European countries.  Meanwhile Africa receives more refugees than Europe.  250,000 foreigners seek a better life by moving through Turkey, but few want to stay.  But according to the head UNHCR immigration lawyer, if you are Muslim you tend to stay longer.  

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