7 Billion Humans | National Geographic Magazine: End of Roman Empire | Genoa Italy | Population Decline

End of Roman Empire | Genoa Italy | Population Decline

The most urbanized area of the Roman Empire was Italy, which had an estimated rate of urbanization of 32%. Genoa is responsible for the Black Death being imported into Europe in 1347 from a trading post at Caffa on the Black Sea. Ever since the Black Death, we have added to population numbers. With the shift in world economy and trade routes to the New World and away from the Mediterranean, Genoa’s political and economic power began a steady decline in the 1800s. Genoa now has the lowest birth rate and is the most aged of any large Italian city. Genoa is also in a country that is not keeping up with the replacement rate and rural towns outside Genoa are desperate to get children into their schools and are actually paying people to move into their communities. This is a street scene in Genoa on XX Settempre Street and Piazza de Ferrari.