Ethiopia’s Omo Valley | Africa’s Last Frontier, National Geographic Magazine: Crocodile on Omo Riverbank

The Omo River is full of crocodiles. The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is prevalent in the Omo River Valley, can grow to 20 feet long and live up to 80 years. It is a freshwater species. 

We were taking the boat to Labuk village when we saw one crocodile dragging another dead one in the water.  As we approached, it tried to drag it’s prize underwater but failed and left it behind. It may have been shot, but it was hard to tell because the piece where the wound might have been was ripped off by the other croc.  As I was photographing, Shaka fish (Karo name for Catfish) measuring a meter long, started eating the bottom of the dead croc. The movement in the water is from the shaka fish tugging pieces off of it from the bottom.

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