Indus Valley | Clues to an Ancient Civilization, National Geographic: Brick Factory Outside Ancient Harappa, Pakistan

Just outside the Harappa site in modern day Harappa, Pakistan, they are making bricks the same way the ancient Harappans did, by burying clay bricks and burning rice husks for fuel to fire the bricks. Towns in the Indus valley were a one-day walk from each other and stretch all the way to Dholavira, India. The bricks all through this civilization are the same standard size and weight without variance for the last 5,000 years.

Archaeological sites are often just what people can’t find over time.  Much of the Harappa site was scavenged for new construction.  Many of the bricks from various sites were taken and used to form the bed of a new railroad. Scavenging of bricks stopped when the factories moved in.

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