7 Billion Humans | Empty Pockets, The Youth Bulge in Developing World: War Victims Break Cliffs into Gravel | Kampala, Uganda

War Victims Break Cliffs into Gravel | Kampala, Uganda

Men use burning tires to soften the rock so they can break it into smaller pieces – eventually these rocks are turned into gravel by war victims. This is the Kireka area just outside Kampala, Uganda.  Most all of these folks are from Gulu in the north… insecurity with LRA made them move south and accept jobs that are basically breaking rocks so they can be used in construction materials.  The mothers in these families make about 50 cents a day breaking the rocks their husbands haul out of the quarries.  One mother hopes her one-year-old child named (with the kind of hope a mother has for a son) Obama won’t ever really have to use his hammer to break rocks… but she didn’t think she would be doing this job for the last ten years either.

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