Kamchatka, Russia | Where the Salmon Rule, National Geographic Magazine: Workout in Kurilskoe Preserve

Kurilskoe Preserve is a World Heritage Site and the gem of the Russian Preserve system. Poaching has been wiped out here by tough enforcement. Much of the anti-poaching warden’s equipment is provided by WWF and other NGOs to keep the Kurilskoe Lake World Heritage Site poacher free. This group of wardens was brought in from the Sochi area of Russia (Caucus Mountains) so that they would have no local contacts or ties to poaching brigades and would clean up the area.  Two or three of the wardens are always out on enforcement, packing out for over a month at a time. The official salary for wardens is $200 a month, but the WWF came in and supplemented salaries and bought them the equipment they need to do the job.  

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