Wild Lands of the West | The BLM, National Geographic Magazine: Mustangs In The Red Desert

Orange patterns of rock formations dwarf a line of horses running in the desert

Wild horses run through the Honeycomb Buttes area of Wyoming’s Red Desert.

The desert’s stunning rainbow-colored hoodoos, towering buttes and prehistoric rock art define this rich landscape and provide a truly wild “home on the range.”

The seemingly barren landscape belies the area’s importance as a habitat for some 350 wildlife species, including pronghorn antelope. Over 50,000 pronghorns in one of the world’s largest herds roam the region along with a rare desert elk herd.

The Red Desert was included in The Wilderness Society’s list of “15 Most Endangered Wildlands” because of a massive oil and gas development in the heart of this 600,000-acre national treasure.