Wild Lands of the West | The BLM, National Geographic Magazine: Anasazi Ruins In National Monument

Stone walls of a primitive dwelling in glowing warm rays of sunset.

Lowry Pueblo is a restored pueblo in Colorado’s Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. The  164,000-acre tract of public land borders Hovenweep National Monument about 45 miles west of Durango, and 9 miles west of Mesa Verde National Park. It is a treasure trove of Ansazi Indian ruins

The pueblo was built about 1060 AD on top of abandoned pit houses from an earlier period. About 100 people lived there for over 165 years until the 13th century. The inhabitants were farmers who also hunted small game, made elaborately decorated pottery, and wove cotton. The structure contains about 40 rooms and multiple kivas.

Monument designation affords protection of archeological treasures by recognizing an entire landscape of various ruins some which are rubbles. In the past, only isolated and spectacular features found in other parks were safeguarded. Archeologists are excited and challenged by the designation and work to protect it for and from the public.