Mustangs | Spirit of the Shrinking West, National Geographic Magazine: Mustang Band Lit By Full Moon Under Night Sky

Tiny Horses in Big Sky Under Harvest Moon

A full moon illuminates a band of illusive wild horses as they crest a hill on western lands. Small families travel together, sleeping only three or four hours at night, always alert for danger. Darkness comes late over the White Sands Herd at International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) in South Dakota.

Three herds are cared for at ISPMB, which is the oldest wild horse organization in the country. Wild Horse Annie (Velma Johnston) was the first president. Annie, along with Helen Reilly, worked for the passage of the 1971 Wild Horses and Burros Act to protect horses from slaughter and inhumane treatment.


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