Pan-American Highway, National Geographic Book: Peruvian Matador or BullFighter

A Spanish costumed matador narrowly escapes a bull’s charge in the historic Plaza de Acho ring in Lima.  Toreodors execute formal moves which can be interpreted to connect and inspire the crowd.  Armed with a red cape and sword, the matador planted sharp barbed sticks in the bull’s shoulders to anger and yet weaken the bull. In the final stage of the fight, the toreodor attracts the bull in a series of passes, manuvering him into to position to stab him in the heart. Manuvers are performed at close range where timing is crucial in the “fight to the death” ceremonial killing of the bull. 

Bullfighting traces its roots back to prehistoric animal sacrifice.  Proponets of bullfighting argue it is a cultural tradition and art form while opponents advocate it is a blood sport that is cruel to the animal.  The October Festival of Bullfighting is to honor the Lord of Miracles in Peru.