Global Fish Crisis | Still Waters, National Geographic Magazine: Live Reef Fish Divers | Indonesia

This reef off Indonesia—laid bare to supply restaurants with live fish—now attracts divers searching for lobsters, the last remaining valuable species. The global trade in live reef fish may top a billion dollars a year, with many species captured by cyanide or traps. Use of dynamite to kill reef fish increases the toll taken by the live trade. In 2004, the humphead wrasse was the first reef fish listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Hookah divers looking for lobster just off the coast of Sape, Indonesia.  Bajo Pulau Kecil island is where they caught the lobster.  Lobster is the cockroach of the ocean.  It will survive on anything… So that is often all that is left after a reef has been ravaged by the live reef trade as this one has.  Even so, this one lobster is all they caught all day.  They did quit early for their Friday prayers, but still, not much of a catch.

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