Kentucky Horse | High Stakes in the Bluegrass, National Geographic: Rare White Thoroughbred Horses

A rare gene produces all white horses on Patchen Wilkes Farm.  Patchen Beauty foaled the first white colt in the family, The White Fox.  The young foal plays while his mother grazes. He is the 16th non-albino white thoroughbred to be registered with the studbook of the Jockey Club in the more than 1.7 million horses registered.

The mare and foal descend from the first non-albino white thoroughbred horse registered in 1963—White Beauty—a filly that belonged to Herman Goodpaster. White Beauty produced several alabaster white horses including Patchen Beauty who won two races before becoming a broodmare.

Photograph was the last picture of the layout in a National Geographic magazine article on Kentucky Horse Country.

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