7 Billion Humans | Immigration: Georgia Dukhobors Immigrant Village | Outside Moscow

Georgia Dukhobors Immigrant Village | Outside Moscow

The Dukhobors left Russia in 1841 for religious freedom and settled in the Georgia Caucassian mountains (near Svaneti).  Seventy two families returned en masse as part of Russia’s former Soviet resident resettlement program put in place to foster immigration to Russia.  There are fifty three Dukhobor families left in Georgia and they plan to come as well. Everyone gets a house (space granted according to number of family members), a large piece of land for a kitchen garden, medical care, other benefits, FOUR paid vacations to Russian resorts, grants to develop small businesses, and they don’t have to pay any utilities for two years. They say they got tired of their kids getting drafted into the Georgian army and having to shoot at Russians. They still only speak Russian and when Georgia was Soviet the signs were both in Russian and Georgian. Now everything is Georgian and they don’t want to learn a new language.

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