Global Fish Crisis | Still Waters, National Geographic Magazine: Fish Traps Used by Artisanal Tanzanian Fishermen | Tanga

Artisanal fishermen off the coast of Tanga, Tanzania drop their traps so they can sell to a Spanish company called “Sea Products.” Sea Products moves octopus, squid, and cuttlefish to Europe, mostly Italy and Greece. They have a coelacanth in their freezer being held for a museum.

The East coast of Africa doesn’t have the conditions to feed their countries with fish. The entire coastline of Tanzania and Mozambique offers up the same amount of fish as the dinky coastline of West Africa’s Senegal.

“If you buy fish in a store, do you know where it comes from?” asks a recent UN report on the alarming 100 percent rise in fishing piracy over the past decade. “It might be stolen from the poor. It could even have cost lives.”

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