China’s “Comfort Class” | The Bling Dynasty, National Geographic Magazine: China’s Most Successful Capitalist Model Farm | Huaxi Village

Huaxi Village (Farmers Village), a model farm for the last 45 years, is in the foreground of this photograph and the businesses owned by the “farmers” are in the background. These “model farmers” were capitalists before it was allowed in China. They started factories, but worked in them secretly (no windows). When government officials came around, all the workers ran out into the fields and pretended to be peasants. They became the first and most successful capitalist exploitation of the collective. There have been 30,000 official government visits to this place to see how it is run every year. There are not many model farms left in China, and none with this wealth. This model farm runs about 80 factories, including garment factories and steel mills.

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