7 Billion Humans | Immigration: Accused Terrorist’s Family | Social Tensions | Barcelona, Spain

Accused Terrorist’s Family | Social Tensions | Barcelona, Spain

Social tensions in Spain make it easy for immigrants to end up in jail because they are loosely associated with other immigrants the Spanish government construes as bad guys. This is an accused terrorist’s home in Raval neighborhood where his family still lives, close to Rambla de Raval.  The wife and four daughters of one of the 11 of Raval, accused of plotting a subway bombing, are left to fend for themselves. The brother of the accused has moved in with the family to take care of them while the father is in jail. He borrowed money from friends to start a fruit stand and works from about 7am to 10pm.  There is a three-year wait to get working papers in Spain and immigrants have to scramble to support themselves in the interim. Immigration issues are huge in Spain.  In Barcelona there are anti-immigrant banners hanging from balconies in Barrio Digne that are basically against all immigrants coming into Catalunya. The capture of the 11 of Raval was a major arrest in Spain and the accused have been held for two years in a prison for terrorists without being charged or going to trial. What actually happened is unclear, but there have been huge rallies held by those who believe the men are innocent.

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