Becton Dickinson (BD)

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    This is from one of BD’s press releases: For 113 years, BD has consistently used our technologies, resources and institutional knowledge to help improve health issues in communities worldwide. Throughout the company’s history, BD’s award-winning charitable initiatives, corporate giving programs and non-profit partnerships have continually made positive impacts on global health standards.

    Usually I am skeptical about press releases like this (especially if it comes from an oil company). But as far as I can tell by working with Dan Grimm and BD volunteers this is an organization that spends money to make a difference in people’s lives. BD hired me to show their work in Africa and I went to Ghana with them to photograph BD employees building clinics, supporting various medical programs and many other philanthropic activities.

    BD consistently wins “Best Corporate Citizen” awards. They have collaborated on programs to improve blood-drawing practices in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have contributed direct relief for hurricane damage in Caribbean countries, Central America and USA Gulf States. They donated syringes to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 and 2010. They sent relief to Haiti earthquake victims. They donated food and medical aid for workers and marine mammals affected by the Gulf oil spill and many more.

    They can do this work because they make all the small indispensable parts in the medical profession that everyone around the world needs – like syringes.

    BD, in cooperation with TED, supported an unprecedented global awareness campaign on extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. The campaign was launched when images conveying the plight of people inflicted with TB were projected onto outdoor spaces in major cities throughout the world. The photos were taken by world-renowned photographer James Nachtwey.

    BD also supports the LOOK 3 photography festival in Charlottesville, Virginia.