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Photos of Detroit for Traveler Magazine
The Heidelberg Project, an outdoor art museum started by Tyree Guyton in 1986. Heidelberg Street, Guyton’s neighborhood had become an environment of decay, marred by crime, prostitution, and gangs. Using the materials around him—cast-off toys, discarded car parts, and other debris—along with his trademark brightly colored polka dots, Guyton eventually transformed several houses and vacant lots on Heidelberg Street into the city’s most recognizable art environment and one of its leading tourist attractions. Controversial to some living in his own neighborhood and nearly half the Project was demolished by the city in 1999 when the Mayor declared it an eyesore. It has since been recognized as a local landmark with international support and is one of Detroit’s top tourist attractions.

The Heidelberg Project has become an ongoing community project. Jenenne Executive Director 313) 974-6894
Girls in polka dot coats visit with their father.

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