Nuestra Mirada

Why is Nuestra Mirada so cool?

Pablo Corral Vega creates a social media site for Spanish world photographers.


You can go to the New York Times and read about the incredibly high incidence of breast lifts in Columbia. You can read about Hugo Chavez ire about the “monstrous thing” that poor women are seeking breast lifts when they are having a hard time paying for food. But if you want to see what it’s like for a woman in Columbia to go through this process (warning… this could be hard for some to view), head over to Nuestra Mirada, the Facebook for Spanish world photographers created by Pablo Corral Vega when he was working at the University of Miami. Pablo is a contributor to National Geographic, a member of The Photo Society and the most connected guy I know in the world of Spanish speaking photographers. Pablo and Loup Langton put on the first Latin American POYi in Quito last year – Melissa was one of the judges along with Ruth Eichorn from GEO magazine, Walter Astrada – World Press winner from Argentina, Claudi Carreras, and Francisco Mata Rosas.

It’s rare to go to a single site and learn so much about other cultures. I don’t speak Spanish, so I keep a few Google translate windows open to get some idea of what the Nuestra Mirada members are talking about. Of you can use this direct Google translate link for the site.

The photograph above is by Guillermo Ossa. To see the photographers pages for the other photographs click on the links.

The photo below is from the town Canton San Eloy Rocafuerte in Manabi province, Ecuador. This town has been celebrating those who have been objects of romantic betrayal for several years. This celebration is held in honor of Ramon Mendoza, a butcher of St. Eloy, who was returning from his working day in the market and found his wife in bed with her best friend.

Ramon is the patron of cachudos in Manabi. He decided not to commit suicide because of this betrayal of love, and with several friends who had the same fate, created the club Cachudos San Eloy.

For nine years, ​​this celebration has been a tradition in Manabi, as it makes caravans, has a festival queen, and (in the photo below) they have lined the house of Ramon Mendoza with the horns of cattle. (this is from a reworked Google translate section… sorry)

lovely portrait from Day of the Dead:


If you want to see this guy’s shoe closet – go here:


I saw Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky’s work in Nuestra Mirada before it won in World Press. This is a photograph from one of Karla’s posts:

There are idiosyncratic cultural photos from South America:


But these photographers also look at idiosyncratic USA culture when it lands in Cancun for spring break:


Shot by more than one photographer:


There is a series of photos from an anti-bullfighting protest:


There are a number of portrait posts that have a similar feel to the work we saw entered in POY from South America when we were teaching at the University of Missouri in the 1980’s. There is a look that is similar in many of the portrait posts.

This is a simple series of photographs about the few people that swim in the winter:


Sometimes both lack of Spanish and too little information with the photographs make it difficult to figure out what is going on. If you want to try to figure out why the Peruvian military seems to be looting this coffin in this photograph, go here:


Melissa chose a few images from the judging in Quito. You can click on the first photograph below to go to the POY site and look around:

1st place Multimedia… click on the Galerias 360