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    I’ve always been a fan of Annie Dillard’s writing, but before I left I made sure I had read all of her books. I finished the last one on the plane heading to Cape Cod to photograph her. It didn’t seem like Annie wanted to be the center of things but she had a new book coming out, so she decided to get all the photographs by various media out of the way all in one day. I watched her summarily dismiss the photographer before me and thought this might be a short trip. Any good photographer knows this, but a portrait is a chemical equation between two people. Because I had done the most simple research and read her books we ended up talking for an hour before I began to make photographs. I lit her in a similar way to the executives I photographed when I spent a summer running around the country for Fortune magazine, but it is her calmness in this photograph that I love. The next group of photographers had much shorter trips than I did… she had run out of time in the day to do much else. Before I left, she loaned me her car to drive around the cape.



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